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What input peripherals are supported ?

Wardens of the Amber Cage is designed to be played in virtual reality with a gamepad. Default setup work with xbox30 gamepad. You aim with your head orientation. You will need some time to aim correctly if you hav not priori experience.

If you play on a flat screen you can either use a mouse and a keyboard or a gamepad.

You can also use the strandard peripherals of the two supported Virtual Reality Head Mounted Diplays. In that case you must aim with the controller. Using these controller is also possible while playing seated but take care of your surroundings ang move the chair away from your screen, desk and any object you might collide with while playing.

How easily introduce a newbie for a short game session ?

You can read the beginner guide.

Which Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays are compatible with Wardens of the Amber Cage ?

The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are compatible with the game. There currently are not available versions working with phone based (like the Samsung Gear VR) Head Mounted Displays or the PLaystation VR.

Can I play Wardens of the Amber Cage without Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display ?

Yes, even if the game was designed to be played in virtual reality, you can play on a standard flat screen.

Wardens of the Amber Cage use an azerty keyboard layout. How use a qwerty keyboard ?

You currently can not setup the input mapping and the initial player base was in France. It a known problem in our top priority list.


What is the ideal party size to play Wardens of the Amber Cage ?

Wardens of the Amber Cage is designed and balanced around the assumption most party will be 2-3 players based. Playing in solo is possible but easier and less interesting since a lot of the fun is about coordination and team communication. Game currently support up to 4 players.

Can we be two players using the same computer ?

It’s currently not possible. We will study the possibility to allow a simultanous play, a player using the Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display while the other play on screen with a keyboard and a mouse. In the meanwhile we hope the low technical requierement for the flat screen game allow you to use laptops for a lan play.

How launch a multiplayer game ?

The steps are given in the multiplayer part of the beginner guide.

Is there a matchmaking system ?

No. We want you to play with your friends as much as possible by making them download the game. Even when we will switch to the selling phase, there will be a dedicated lightweight free client allowing them to play with you without buying the game.

How communicate with my party while playing ?

Wardens of the Amber Cage don’t currently include any integrated chat system. If you don’t aldready have a chosen vocal chat platform, you can try Discord wich is free.

Virtual Reality

Can I play in Roomscale ?

Yes, you can play standing. A rotation system in the controllers/gamepad allow to use standing mode of the Oculus Rift even with only 180° tracking.

Can I play standing with Oculus Rift if I don’t own the third camera required for full Roomscale (360) tracking) ?

Yes, you can play Wardens of the Amber Cage standing or seated even with a 180) tracking. Buttons on your gamepad or controllers allow customizable step rotations.

Can I stay play Wardens of the Amber Cage seated in Virtual Reality ?

Yes. If you start played seated, your virtual height will be ajusted accordingly. Physical ground movements are optionnal. Wardens of the Amber Cage was designed being played seated with a gamepad, but Head Mounted Display controllers are usable even seated. No violent gesture is required but take care about having enought room around you to avoid hitting something ou someone.

Does Wardens of the Amber Cage allow traditional First-Person Shooter movements in Virtual Reality ?

Yes, it is the default movement system on both flat screenand Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Device play.

Does Wardens of the Amber Cage allow teleport-based movements ?

Yes, you can play in Virtual Reality with a teleport only moveset. You need to manually enable by opening the options menu and activate ‘Step Movements’.

May Wardens of the Amber Cage cause Virtual Reality (VR) sickness ?

Yes. Especially without prior experience, the movements of the game can cause serious nausea. If you are showing the game to someone never having tried Virtual Reality before and not planning on extensive use, we advise you to use the teleport-only moveset.Same way if

If you are planning to play the game, know that first session can quickly became awfull. Best way to accomodate seems to make longer and longer and longer session (first one could be as short as 1 or 2 minutes). Stop playing as soon as you feel sick. Take a good pause, don’t play again until you feel better, and after some session you will probably get used to it and stop feeling dizzy.

Tireness, flu or being sick in general make the game unplayable.

In any case, you should try the game before buying it.

I launch Wardens of the Amber Cage with my Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Display on but nothing show up. What is the problem ?

Wardens of the Amber Cage first launch in flat screen display mode. You have to open the option menu and activate the virtual reality mode by following the step described in the dedicated part of the beginner guide.

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I’m wondering about something else, how can I reach you ?

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