Guide Wardens of the Amber Cage

Table of Contents

First Use Guide

Combat Guide

User Inputs Guide

Multiplayer Game Guide

First Use

We advise you to read theses instructions before you first playing session as the game currently lack in-game tutorial :

Launch the game.

Virtual Reality Only Setup :

Take your time to tweak options so you can play in best conditions.

If you want to play with a Virtual Reality headset, you must setup the game options. Check the field ‘Play in VR Mode’ to switch on Virtual Reality display mode. This option will stay activated on followings launchs.

Note : a bug currently prevent the game auto-reloading, game will exit and you manually have to relaunch it.

If you are a seasonned Virtual Reality player, we advise you to try the default movement system around wich we designed the game. (VR Sickness is a complicated topic. on our local tests with about 30 persons, first minutes are awfull and discomfort quickly decrease with time and disappear for everyone after 3-4 session of 10-20 minutes each). Otherwise a full teleport mode is also available.

Default setup for step rotations is a 45° angle. Step rotation can be really disorienting at first use, and you will need some time to finf them intuitive. You can either increase or decrease the angle in the game options. Free rotation is available but most player will find it awfull.

End of Virtual Reality Only Setup

Select the ‘New Game’ button to start a game.

If you are playing a multiplayer game, we advise you to exit the starting room and wait for eachother on the entreance hall before entering the dungeon door.

Starting from this point, your goal is to follow the light while avoid being kill by monsters. Be carefull, once they spot you, they will relentlessly chase you until your death ! We advise you to kill them when you meet then and so avoid being outnumbered.

You should end up in a suspiciously wide and calm room with a locked door. Once every player enter the central platform, the boss fight will begin. Once he is dead, way out will open nad you will access to a temporary ending.

Congratulations, you have beated the demonstration version :).


Note : Game will launch with 4 differents skillsets, each having it’s particularity and gameplay.

During the preview phase, you play with a more simple and versatile skillset. It has 4 skills :

Main attack :

Keeping the Main Attack button down allow continious firing and damage hitten targeted hostiles. The main attack dont consume your magical energy but do slow you down. Note : There is no advantage of timing the spamming of the attack button over just keeping it put down if you plan to fire multiple fireballs.

Secondary attack (Slowing):

This skill slow down your target movements. Maintain the button down to charge your spell and release it to launch the missile. A too early release waste the spell.

Teleportation :

This spell instantly teleport you 12 meters in your looking direction. It allow to avoid a lot of hazards and go throught others players and most monsters. Beware, physical and magical walls block teleportation.

Stuning Attack :

Using this spell require you to be realy close of your target(s). After 2 seconds of channeling, an explosion centred around you stun and damage near ennemies. The stunning effect cut any spell channeling of affected monters.

Tactical advices (countain spoilers) :

Character controls are simples. However, step rotations, motion and the teleport spell can be really disorienting when first encountered in Virtual Reality. Basically, the goal of the game is to stay at middle range of the monster to avoid getting hit while firing spells on them.

While playing in group, individual player damage outputs are low. Magical energy being equaly used to escape hazards, slow and interrupts enemies, wasting it by stacking multiple crowd control spells on the same ennemy can cost your life. Target selection coordination is mandatory both for crow control and avoid being overwhelmed.

A rule of thumb about energy is that you should always have at least enought of it to being able to avoid a fatal attack with a teleport spell.

Currently only necromancers (floatings skeletons in dresses) really need being stunned to avoid letting them cast their reinforcement summonning spell.

Slows are a must have on some ennemies and a comfort for most of them but cost a lot of energy.

User inputs

Use Keybord/Mouse Xbox360 Pad Oculus Touch VIVE Wand
Move Forward Keyboard Z Left Stick Left Stick Left Controller Touch Up
Move Backward Keyboard S Left Stick Left Stick Left Controller Touch Down
Strafe Left Keyboard Q Left Stick Left Stick Left Controller Touch Left
Strafe Right Keyboard D Left Stick Left Stick Left Controller Touch Right
Rotate Toward Left Mouse Motion Right Stick Right Stick Right Controller Touch Left
Rotate Toward Right Mouse Motion Right Stick Right Stick Right Controller Touch Right
Open Options Menu Keyboard Escape Start Button A Button Right Controller Right Menu
Main Attack Mouse Left Click A Button Right Trigger Right Controller Right Trigger
Secondary Attack Mouse Right Click B Button Right Grab Right Controller Left Grip
Teleport Spell Keyboard Shift X Button Left Trigger Left Controller Left Trigger
Stuning Nova Keyboard Nr Y Button Left Grab Left Controller Left Grip


You can and are strongly advised to play Wardens of the Amber Cage in multiplayer mode. You then need a player to host the session (None official game server is currently online). 1 to 3 players then can join the game.(Multiplayer ideal lobby size and balance is yet under design). In order to balance the game for each party size, spell costs and damage output change with the number of players in the party.

Hosting a new game :

A player wanting to host a session must be accessible thought a TCP port. Default value is 7777 but you can manualy choose another. In order to be accessible, he might need to open this port on his computer. If his computer is behind a router (Wich is probableif you have an Internet Access Provider ) you may need to setup it. This setup must create a Network Address Translation of the chosen port on his public IP adress to the chosen port on the hosting computer.

Note : This setup being heavily dependent of the combinaison of hardware and software you’re using (Operating Systems, intermediate routers, antivirus and firewalls), we are forced to let you to look for it by yourselve.

Once accessible, he only have to choose the ‘New Game’ option on the entry menu. No messages currently nofifie you about other players connections. You should wait in the enteance hall next to your spawning zone while regrouping.

Joining an Existing Game :

To join an hosted game, you must type the IP adress of the host, eventually folowed by «:portnumber» if you use a custom port number, in the ‘Server Adress’ field next to the ‘Join Game’ button.

You can get your current public I.P. Adress by a lot of means. A simple exemple is to use IP Chicken.

Then you can select the ‘Join Game’ button and if the connexion is successfull, the game session begin.

In case of connexion failure, you will be back on the entry menu avec a visual effect.

Check the host have launched the game session.

Check you have the good I.P. V4 address (Internet Service Provider can change it from time to time).

Check his TCP port is open

Check an antivirus/firewall is not denying the connexion.

Note : Connexion will fail if the host is visible on the network but have not launched the game session yet.